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Introducing... the Minisode

Advances in technology and changes in viewing habits have led to a whole new way we get our entertainment. We’ve recognized that schedules are getting busier and attention spans are getting shorter. That’s why we’re introducing minisodes – shortened versions of television programs that can be watched online, any time. A minisode is simply a TV program that is broken up for easier viewing. Instead of a half-hour or hour-long program that you are used to viewing on television, we will produce a series of minisodes that may only be 7-12 minutes in length. And by putting them online, the audience can tune in according to their schedules, not by the schedules of the networks.

Why Minisodes?

We’re producing local television. That means time slots on local networks for a decent amount of viewership are extremely limited. It doesn’t make sense to air a show at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. only because that’s what’s available. We have a better plan. Still using the power and mass-reach of television, we will air commercials promoting each minisode and the businesses involved. This accomplishes several key things. First, we can run commercials at all times during the day and evening, not locked into a particular time slot. Second, we will be able to accomplish the frequency required to successfully drive the audience online to view the program. Third, we will create the opportunity for businesses to put their brand on television in an affordable way.

The beauty of this concept lies in the fact that every business benefits from all the other businesses in the program. Each new minisode brings a new run of TV commercials that promote that minisode; bringing more viewers to the site to see all minisodes. How Does it Work?

Our production company will produce a 2-3 minute video that highlights your business. That will be a segment in a minisode that will be put together with one or two other segments to complete the show. We will then produce a thirty-second television commercial that directs viewers to watch the minisode online. Within the commercial, each business is featured for approximately eight seconds, which provides an opportunity to brand their business while branding Local Proud.

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